I’m lost. Mi sono perso, verdwaald

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There are always circumstances you can feel lost in life.

When this happened to me last year I got this dolphinAngel symbol from the dolphin Angels

I just want to share this for other people who have this problem in life.

Prayer and the dolphin Angels are a big help in my life. Feel deep inside what you really need in life and focus on this positive reality to make this dream come true!


Dear friends

Happy New Year!
From me and from the dolphinAngels!

Let this be your year and try to make the world a much needed better place, the world and nature needs it now more than ever!

With all which is going on in the world look deep into your heart, what can you do to be at service.

The dolphinangels are always around to help you with all whatever you want, just ask them. I learn a lot of their joy and love, they can open doors for you.

Just live in the moment and be!

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we are the dolphins

we love you

as we see

the people struggling in their lives

do know that nature will be the outcome

nature will be the strongest

nature is the end and the beginning

love everything around you

love the little flowers in the world

love the water

who always feeds you

love the seeds who are growing for you

nature is the strongest

nature will have the outcome

Your Heart

Your heart always tells the truth.

When you dive deep into your heart and just listen the truth will be there for you.

Especially in this time but always follow your own way.

I got a dolphinAngelsymbol about following your own way. This will not say you are a egoistic person.

It will say following your Highest Self which is stored in your heart.

As we follow our heart and not go the ego way life would be much easier.

The dolphins only follow their heart because they are pure and without second agenda.

This is one of the reasons I love them so much.

Let the Angels of the sea guide you with this beautiful message.


The Light

The dolphinAngels are always on the background. They are here for you but you always have to ask them for help if you need that.

They will never ever interfere in your free will. They are patient and loving and full of humour. Even if you think that they have left you it is not true.

Let there be light in your life. The more you focus on the light the more it will touch you. Even a candle lights up a room and takes away the dark. When you have to dive deep into yourself to find answers, you will discover more and more to determine your new direction from there. Take time for yourself if you need to, it’s your way and nobody else’s!

Let there be Light!

Change your dreams

There is a time many people have to change their dreams.

But did you know it all has to do with nature. How we treat nature and how we live with the animals, the dolphins.

A few months ago many animals came on the streets, they felt more silence and peace, the water was more clean.

But for them it was just a dream. A short dream.

Do not forget them and give them space again!

Love the animals

Freedom for Nature

Many years ago the dolphinAngels told me about an event that would stop us all.

As we are in the lock down I could never believe this would be the way to stop us.

The dolphins are looking for freedom for a long time, no pollution of their homes, the oceans, not being locked up in a pool to do a play for the people! 

As we all hope this drama will come to an end, nature is breathing now, the earth is asking for it for many many years to treat her well and with respect.

let we hope and pray this will bring more good for all.

DolphinAngel symbol Freedom


Be yourself

The dolphins show their emotions, in good and bad times! Sometimes dark clouds are in our lives, but never give up! Live your life as the one you really are! No masks, no second agenda Be authentic!!!

Ground Yourself

The Angels can help you with everything in life! Ground yourself more into the earth!

You can do it in many ways! Going outside in nature, and just be, let go of the attractions for a little while…

The trees and nature ask for your attention, let we take care of our surrounding. I hope you are all doing well!

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