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The dolphins are my best friends in life!
From young age I felt so attracted to the joyful, playful, intelligent lovable friends from the ocean…   I felt such a strong heartcontact from the very beginning..

The first time I felt aware of their real presence in my aura was in 1991645900_orig3 before I had to have surgery…I still hear them whispering in my ear, and during the operation the surgeon told me afterwards I had been talking all operation long to my friends, the dolphins, so the next time I got another narcose…..

In 1995 I did meet Zeus, a juvenile dolphin who was captured in a pool, he foretold me my future mission and some events in my life, exactly as he told my life unfolded, it was a big shock to me to find out from the other dolphinangels that Zeus had died as a juvenile from an bacteria in the pool….i am forever grateful for his help in my life and now as one of my guardian Angels…
I hope in future all dolphins to be free in a clean ocean without Sonar where they really belong, uncaptured!!!

With the stranding of the 37 dolphins on Hutchinson island I have been asked by the parents of the pod to spread their messages in little poems, after they kept on coming in my dreams I agreed even that I was a little bit afraid to come out with this..docDopey

Here you see Dopey and Doc swimming together….


From the beginning of the venustransit I have been receiving their little poems…

The uplifting words full of love gave me always the strength to overcome challenges in my life whenever I needed so.

Now the dolphins want to share their love through the dolphinAngel symbols to give support for more people in every erea of their lives…  I am grateful to share them with you

On 10-10-2010  I published my first dolphinAngel symbol on facebook

On 10-10-2011  I started my business for the dolphins… 

I hope to financially support them to give back their freedom as they deserve to be free!!!        I thank all people who help me to reach this goal…

I support

Captain Paul Watson Foundation

Stichting Brooke Hospital for Animals




Vrienden van de Olifant

Avs Proefdiervrij



with love

Claudia A Vermeulen

DolphinAngel symbols

DelphinaGoud  is created at 10-10-2010




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