dolphinAngel essences

                                                         Dolphin Angel essences

Dolphins come from the rainbow, they have a rainbow aura
As the rainbow children they spread LOVE

are pure souls
are only love
are frank and


I give all my thanks to the parents of the group of 37 dolphins who
came into my dreams and asked me to help their children…

The dolphin angel essences help you back on the road, they are constructed from the
different dolphin angel symbols that each represent  a different field experience

The vibrations of the dolphin angel symbols, increase the vibrations of your aura, chakras and light bodies .. and are transferred through the water.

All essences are individually made by order

2 times daily 3 drops on wrist, neck, abdomen, etc.
do not swallow
not drip into the eyes
The dolphin angel essences do not replace a doctor! they are made for humanity  to
support their journey on earth

composition of pure natural spring water
biological alcohol
ecological essential oils
Price per bottle 11ml € 15

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