For a private session over Skype you can send a email to:

Spiritual Counseling,                                             
The Voice for Love                                               
The Voice of the dolphins and whales,               
Higher self                                                             €  85     an hour

The dolphinAngel symbols contain all the vibrations and frequencies of the
dolphinAngels…they are also protected and sealed by the dolphins themselves…they are made for the highest good off all…
Abuse of the symbols will not be honored by the dolphinAngels…   they will not work out on any copies from the internet do not wear the

546899_362652507152317_1696111543_n-1dolphins energies.
The dolphinAngelsymbols are directly given by the dolphinAngels and channeled through me, I am very grateful to do this work. To do this work for the dolphins I had to become a vegetarian/vegan which I am since 1996.

The dolphinAngel symbols are in NO ANY WAY a substitute for a docter!
They work on your aura, chakras and higher lightbodies on the level of the soul…
They are made to change the frequency of the water, and work best through clear water..
Drinking tea is also admitted, green tea is advised..

It is best to start with one or two symbols….using them through each other is better only for meditating….for the water it is adviced to use the dolphinAngelsymbol for about 3 weeks or a month and to take a break after to feel in the changes….
The dolphins are loving intelligent beings and it is their purpose to  bring you more peace and love in your life.


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