Spiritual Counseling


 dolphinAngels love to help people on their journey in life…

Together with the dolphinAngels I coach people around the world…




The dolphins are very aligned with the star children who have sometimes more difficulties to find their way in life… the structured world here can be sometimes very overwhelming, the energy of the dolphins can help them to find their way in life again.



  • I am officially Certified from the U.S. as
  • a spiritual counselor,
  • ordained minister and facilitator.
  • In 1995 and 1996 I have been doing lots of Chakra Healing and Reading Courses in The Netherlands,  C.L.I. Utrecht.
  • By Doreen Virtue I am Certified as a Angel Card Reader and Realm Reader.
  • By Charles Virtue I received the Certificate of ArchAngel Life Coaching                      cvermeulen_alc_cert

But my most loving guides are the dolphinAngels who are my best friends in life!






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